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Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support Services in NYC

Leave IT to us, so you can focus on your business!

Things happen. Computers crash, glitches occur, and devices can fail in a moment’s notice, causing your business to halt until the issue is resolved. That’s where LaptopMD’s remote IT support services come in to help.

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, having a technician physically come out to your business can potentially be dangerous. Not to mention, it increases costs and takes more time – two things that you want to avoid as a business owner.

If your systems crash, LaptopMD offers remote IT support services in the NYC area. We will start with a free initial walk-through to determine the needs for your company and provide tailored solutions just for you!

Benefits to Remote IT support are:

  • Assists work-at-home employees, staff in satellite locations, clients or partners, and business travelers
  • Saves time and cut travel costs for onsite, in-person service calls and maintenance
  • Reduces the risk of shipping damage to computers and laptops sent to repair facilities
  • Improves first-call resolution rates
laptopmd remote it support

Business IT Consulting Services

Computer emergencies happen when you’re least prepared to deal with them.

Emergency Assistance for all computer and IT issues – via remote access

Support on the phone

Free Estimates and service that puts you first – customized and tailored to your needs

Responsive assistance for all of your tech issues and problems

Monthly plans and contracts guarantee that your needs will be met with speed and accuracy whenever you need it

Installing software before support calls. Opening firewall ports. Telling people where to click. Configuring computers and routers. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to provide remote support to your users.  Your focus is resolving IT support requests. Quickly. Smoothly. Securely.

With LaptopMD’s remote support platform, you can connect to your employees’ and customers’ computers the moment they need help.

  • No pre-installed, IT-administered software needed to receive remote support
  • No complicated steps for people receiving support
  • No VPN required
  • No port configurations
  • No firewall hassles

Remote IT Support Service and Consulting Basic Plans & Pricing

View, compare, and choose the right business IT plan and pricing for you from LaptopMD.

LaptopMD+ offers the highly competitive rates for businesses seeking computer repair services and IT outsourcing in New York City. We edge out the competition, including Geek Squad and Easy Tech, with better pricing and fantastic customer service.

With all of our business services, we offer an initial free walk-through and estimate process to determine the needs that will best fit your company. Call us today at 212-920-4833 or Request a Quote below for free business services quote.