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Rush service

We know that our clients are extremely busy and need their devices fixed immediately. Unfortunately, we are not magicians, but we have an incredible deal for you.

The deal of the week!

Let us introduce you to our new “Rush service”. Bring us your impaired device, (phone, PC, laptop, tablet), and we will fix it the same day!* This incredible deal will only be offered for one week, from May 29th to June 4th, so take advantage of this mind-blowing offer while it’s still available!
No one wants to be without their device, and finding a company that has a quick turnaround is seemingly impossible, until now. We at LaptopMD have been servicing electronics in the New York area since 1999, and we are the #1 laptop repair shop on Yelp.
Hurry up!

At LaptopMD, we hope you will enjoy our deal because we are constantly improving our business for our customers.
Hurry down to 8 Ave near Madison Square Garden and get in line, because with this phenomenal deal, the line will be wrapped around the block!

*We usually have 80-85% of parts required in stock. If we don`t have the parts available, we will have to order them. This usually takes 3-5 business days. (New York location only.)