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iPad Repair

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iPads are wonderful devices with what seems like miles and miles of gorgeous, glass real-estate on the front. Unfortunately, they’re also fairly fragile, despite Apples best intentions. From broken iPad screens to bent iPad frames, the simple fact is that iPads break quite easily. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t run into our offices for an iPad repair.

The iPad doctors at LaptopMD use only the highest quality parts in all of our iPad repairs, and offer a 30 day warranty on every fix. If you don’t like the iPad repair, you don’t pay. We service 2nd Gen iPads, 3rd Gen iPads, iPads Air and iPads Mini.

That being said, there is a very important caveat that goes along with any iPad repair:

Your glass might not sit completely flush with device. Unfortunately, the aluminum case is very pliable, and can be bent out of shape easily in a drop or bump. We try our best to straighten it out, but it’s not always possible to do 100%. The functionality of your iPad will be unaffected and it will work good as new, however under close inspection it might not look as perfect as it does out of the box.

Fees and EstimatesLaptopMDStaplesBest BuyApple
Turn Around TimeSame day\Next day
Available for most repairs
3-4 Days3-4 Days2-3 days
Same Day Service$95
Available on most repairs
No$100Depends on location
Not included for specific, time intensive repairs

So if you’re one of the thousands of people that have dropped their iPad or otherwise broken it, give us a call, stop by, or scroll down to see our list of available iPad repairs, and trust the iPad doctors at LaptopMD+ to get your iPad back to work in no time.

iPad LCD Repair Service In NYC. The Best In Town

The actual display unit inside an iPad is called the LCD. Unlike the outer glass that covers it and responds to touch, the LCD itself is not touch sensitive and actually displays the images you see.

If you’re not sure whether you need an iPad screen repair or an iPad LCD repair:

Does the touch-screen work? If not, it could be your screen (digitizer)

Does the image look ok? A broken LCD will not display images properly, instead, you might see

A blank screen

Black spots, like someone spilled ink on your iPad screen

Colored lines

An Otherwise distorted image

iPad LCD repair is more difficult to get to and replace than the digitizer, hence the higher prices, however it is also far less likely to break since it sits behind a protective coating of Gorilla Glass.

All LaptopMD+ iPad LCD repairs are covered by our 30-day warranty and use the highest quality parts available. Give us a call, or come in today to get your iPad LCD fixed.

iPad Glass Replacement Service In NYC

The iPad has a huge, gorgeous glass screen. It’s also incredibly portable. What that means for a lot of people is that, eventually, that huge, gorgeous glass screen will probably get cracked, scratched, or broken. LaptopMD+ was the first shop in Midtown Manhattan NYC to perform an iPad glass replacement and to fix cracked iPad screens, and all that experience shows. We can replace your iPad glass screen faster and with a higher level or iPad glass replacement quality and precision than any other iPad screen replacement shop in NYC. Whether you need your New iPad/iPad3 screen replaced , or you’re trying to replace an original iPad cracked screen, our technicians have the skills and iPad glass screen replacement experience to make sure your iPad screen replacement job is done fast and done right.

Note: The iPad digitizer/screen is not the same as the iPad LCD. The digitizer is the glass that covers the actual display and transforms your touches into electrical signals that the iPad can decipher. For LCD Repairs, see the iPad LCD Repair page.

1st Gen iPad$89 (w/frame)
2nd Gen iPad$99
3rd Gen iPad$109
4th Gen iPad$109
iPad Mini 1$109
iPad Mini 2$109
iPad Air 1$109
iPad Air 2$349
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