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Why it Pays to Go With a Local Computer Repair Store

NYC Computer Repair Shop

Like most New Yorkers, I spend the subway commute in the mornings reading news on my smart phone. This morning, one particular story from a CBS affiliate in Sacramento caught my eye: Fry’s Wouldn’t Replace My Laptop Until I Dropped Complaint. Talk about a mess. I think as New Yorkers, we take for granted how many local computer repair shops we have access to. We still occasionally get people coming in here and saying “Well, Best Buy is charging me [some small, insignificant amount of money] less than you guys, why shouldn’t I just go there?”

Well, for one, 9 times out of 10, we’ll match the quote on the spot. We’re already reasonably certain we have some of the lowest computer repair prices in town, but we’re not above dropping them a little more to get your business. Because really, yes we’re here to pay our bills, but more than that we love what we do and we love providing our level of computer repair service for you guys. We’d probably be doing the exact same thing even if it weren’t our job (though granted, we wouldn’t be working with our awesome customers. We’d just have to go over to Grandma’s house every other week to show her how to open Facebook and reset her router).

Much more importantly, though, being local means we’re integrated with the community. I’ve been getting coffee at the same deli every morning (A shout-out to my friends at the Z+S House of Snacks!) for over a year now, and know everyone there (including most of the morning customers). We see the same people walking through our doors year after year. We say hi to people in the street, and make recommendations about the best place to get lunch (Alpha Fusion has amazing Thai fusion). We’re accountable to our customers and to our community. And really, isn’t that the best way to run a computer repair shop, or any business?

So why should you go local for your computer repair needs? Because if we screw up, you know who we are and where to find us. It keeps us honest, and it keeps us motivated. Plus we’re all much better looking than Best Buy employees.