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Apple’s iPad: The Next Great Gadget, or an iBust?

Last month, Steve Jobs put an end to weeks of speculation by analysts, fans and reporters, when he unveiled Apple’s tablet device, the iPad. He described it as a “third category” between smartphones and laptops.

But now that the hype has died down, it’s time for the verdict. Is the iPad Apple’s first foray into a brave new world of computing? Having whipped the world up into a frenzy of anticipation, has the company delivered a truly revolutionary product? Unfortunately, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding “No!”

iPhone on Steroids

Contrary to what you may have read in the popular press, the iPad cannot walk on water. In fact, it has left many of us scratching our heads, wondering what the heck it is for. Isn’t it just an iPhone on steroids?

One of the most talked-about gadgets of recent years should come locked and fully loaded with a dizzying array of new applications. But no, it has many of the same problems that have long bugged iPhone users. It appears that, in all the excitement, someone overlooked these persistent issues.
Sure, users will be able to whiz across the web at 3G speeds, but, like the iPhone, there’s no Adobe Flash support. When it comes to web browsing and game playing, this gap makes the device about as useful as a chocolate-coated oven mitt.

Nor does the iPad allow for multitasking, meaning that users can’t run any applications in the background. You’d think the iPad would be ideal for video chat, but, unlike most cheap netbooks and smartphones, it does not have a camera, so no business video conferences or waving goodnight to the kids when you are away from home. What’s worse, you can’t make a call with it either.

But these aren’t the only standard features that are missing: there’s no SD card slot or USB ports or GPS, all very useful “must-haves” in our book. Jobs has a remedy: you’ll have to buy pricey adapters to get these “standard” features.

Consumers Expect More

From the company that invented the iPod and the iPhone, we expected more. The Apple chief called the new device a “truly magical product,” but the only trick he appears to have pulled off is getting the world to go bananas over what is essentially just another tablet computer. We won’t write off Steve Jobs just yet, but his iPad is simply something iDon’tWant.

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