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Mac Desktop Repair in NYC

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Come to LaptopMD today for Mac repair NYC! We have been in business more when 24 years providing excellent service at affordable rates. Our approach to personalized service is what has won us acclaim throughout New York and in outlets such as CNN, CBS and more. We’re the best Mac repair service in New York because we believe in:

We’re open 6 Days a week – You don’t have to wait for a “business day” to get your device cured, we’re always in business at LaptopMD. No need for an appointment or a long line, walk right in!

Same day service – You don’t want your laptop sent off to a factory, potentially wiped of data, not knowing when you’ll get it back. Bring your desktop in the morning before work, come back afterwards and it will be ready!

Affordable rates – Our engineers provide the same know how as the genius bar at a substantially more affordable rate.

Qualified engineers – Our engineers have a proven track record of experience that far exceeds what Genius bar techs can offer!

Logic board Mac repair

Come to us for true logic board repair NYC. Don’t be deceived into replacing your motherboard if you don’t need to. Our engineers will solder the bad sectors and capacitors, resistors, diodes on your system board and salvage what other services say they can’t.

Memory upgrade

Computer running slow? Our engineers will assess your computer’s capabilities and add the perfect amount of RAM. We won’t add memory to new slots if we don’t have to, we will replace existing chip slots and save you money!

Hard drive Mac repair

Similar to the main board, true Mac Hard Drive repair NYC is extremely complex. Our experienced Apple engineers will perform rigorous internal repair that will prevent you from needing a replacement hard drive. If you do need one, we will provide one from industry leading brands such as Seagate and Western Digital.

iMac screen repair NYC

We can provide the fastest iMac screen repair in NYC. Our screens come from the exact manufacturer Apple uses. We will quickly diagnose your iMac’s damage and perform a screen replacement at a fair rate.

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