Mac Mini Repair

Mac Mini Repair in NYC

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    Mac Mini Repair in NYC

    LaptopMD provides comprehensive Mac Mini repair NYC service. Our BBB certified business has been a New York staple for 15 years, with the best rates, free while you wait estimates, and customer service that’s won us constant praise on social media and outlets such as CNN, CBS, and more. Visit our Manhattan office seven days a week for quality repair on all your Apple devices.

    We offer free estimates – The genius bar takes 72 hours for an estimate. LaptopMD guarantees a free, instant estimate for any service we offer!

    We’re open 6 Days a week – You don’t have to wait for a “business day” to get your device cured, we’re always in business at LaptopMD. No need for an appointment or a long line, walk right in!

    Same day service – You don’t want your device sent off to a factory, potentially wiped of data, not knowing when you’ll get it back. Bring your device in the morning before work, come back afterwards and it will be ready!

    Affordable rates – Our engineers provide the same know how as the genius bar at a substantially more affordable rate.

    Qualified engineers – Our engineers have a proven track record of experience that far exceeds what Genius bar techs can offer!

    Mac Mini Logic board repair NYC

    Bring your Mac Mini back to life with a logic board repair NYC from LaptopMD! We provide the in-depth repair service other technicians can not. Component level repair is our specialty. Don’t be misinformed into buying another expensive Logic board by another service!

    Mac Mini Memory Upgrade NYC

    The Mac Mini is a modern marvel, but technology is constantly evolving. What’s adequate memory for your computer today may not be the case in 5 months. Make sure your computer stays ahead of the loop with a Mac Mini memory upgrade! We will be sure to only attempt an upgrade in your existing memory slot chips, not overcharging you if we don’t need.

    Mac Mini Hard Drive repair NYC

    We provide component level Mini Hard Drive repair for New York and beyond. Our experienced Apple engineers can repair what most services can’t even analyze. We perform bad sector repair that will bring your Mac Mini hard drive back to order. If you need a replacement, we only use high quality Seagate and Western Digital models.