Computer Power Jack Repair

NYC Computer Power Jack Repair

The best computer in the world is useless if you can’t charge it. Unfortunately, due to the constant stress of being pulled, yanked, dropped, etc. computer power jacks and charging ports fail pretty regularly. Fortunately, the technicians at LaptopMD+ are pros at repairing, re-soldering, and replacing broken computer power jacks.

So how do you know you have a power jack problem and not a cord problem? First, try a different AC adapter, or try yours in a different computer. If you try a new power adapter and your computer turns on – it was just the cable. Conversely, if your cable works in a different computer, your problem is probably the power jack. If you’d like help, no problem! The computer experts at LaptopMD+ are able to help you with your power jack repair problems, just bring your computer in today or fill out our free quote form
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