iphone Camera Replacement

iPhone Camera Replacement in a flash

What good is a best-in-class camera if it doesn’t work? Unfortunately, the iPhone camera is fairly fragile, and can easily have internal connectors and sensors dislodged by bumps, falls, and other rough encounters with hard surfaces. If your camera stops responding, or you can’t take any pictures, or your pictures come out out of focus and blurry, bring your iPhone to LaptopMD+ for a free on-the-spot diagnosis. Chances are, we can completely replace your camera and get it working good as new in no time flat. Plus all of our jobs come with a 30-day warranty and use only the best parts available outside of an Apple factory.

Note: Due to age and difficulty in getting parts, we will no longer be providing iPhone Camera Replacement service for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Sorry.

DevicePriceRepair Time
iPhone 4$7930 Minutes
iPhone 4S$9930 Minutes

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