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Extended Warranty FAQs

What’s a “per incident” fee?

Since most of our laptop repair jobs require parts, some of our extended warranties have a $20-75 fee per incident. This means that after the free 30 day warranty period, you may be subject to this small fee when you bring your computer in to get serviced through one of our extended warranty plans. Think of the fee as similar to a co-pay when you go to the doctor. Not all of our plans have a “per incident” fee, but the ones that do allow us to keep costs down and continue offering our customers the best service imaginable!

Do your extended warranty packages cover the entire machine?

We unfortunately do not cover the entire machine, just the particular service that you purchased the extended warranty for.

Do you have a maximum amount of repairs incidents covered? Why?

Sometimes. However, chances are very unlikely that you’ll ever meet this threshold. LaptopMD strives to provide superior repair services to it’s clientele and has implemented a maximum repair incident policy to protect itself against customers that may wish to take advantage of it’s services. Each repair service has a different threshold for maximum repair incidents, so please read the details of your specific extended warranty package.

What if I don’t use my extended warranty? Can I get a refund?

We hope you won’t have to! Extended warranties provide coverage in the case that your laptop needs it. We hope (and we’re sure you do too) that your computer will continue to operate at it’s best and you’ll never need to come see us again! In the event that all goes well and you do not end up using your extended warranty, it is non-refundable. It’s like insurance, just because you didn’t need it this time doesn’t mean you get a refund!

Is accidental damage or abuse covered?

Only certain plans cover accidental damage, and no plans cover abuse. Unless otherwise mentioned, accidental damage and/or abuse are not covered.

Is my extended warranty transferable if I sell my computer?

Unfortunately not. In the event that you sell, give away, or leave your computer on the street for someone else to find and use, the extended warranty package is non-transferrable.

What if my computer dies and I just buy a new one? Will you refund me?

Unfortunately not. All of our extended warranty packages are non-returnable and non-refundable.

What if something else goes wrong with my computer? Is it covered?

LaptopMD’s extended warranty packages cover only the repair service that was initially provided. Extended warranty plans do NOT cover the entire machine. If you have a problem with your computer that is NOT associated with the original repair, the issue is NOT covered. LaptopMD is under no obligation to fix issues with a customer’s computer that are not associated with the original repair service.

If you are unsure which service(s) was performed on your computer and/or which service(s) is covered by an extended warranty, please ask one of our managers.

What if you can’t fix my machine again?

LaptopMD reserves the right to issue the customer a refund of the amount paid for the extended warranty if LaptopMD technicians cannot uphold the extended warranty coverage. This includes but is not limited to situations where parts are not available or LaptopMD technicians are unable to repair the problem.

If I lose or replace my iDevice, can I get a refund or transfer my coverage?

Unfortunately not. There are no refunds for lost or replaced devices. The warranty only covers the initial device and does not transfer to another individual or another device.

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