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How we break our laptops!

Laptops may be designed to be portable, but they are hardly invincible to the abuse that most people inflict on them. Laptops can break for any number of reasons, but learning about some of the more common reasons they break can help you to prevent your laptop from being damaged. These are some of the primary reasons our customers contact LaptopMD for repair service.

Free fall or accidents

Everyone drops things from time to time. Just as you would drop a remote control or even a glass of milk in the kitchen, you may also drop your laptop or your laptop bag. Things may get dropped onto it as well, which can also cause considerable damage. Some laptops or laptop bags are even closed in car doors or impacted in some other way. These types of events can cause external damage, such as a cracked screen. They can also cause internal damage to the fragile components inside the laptop.

To prevent such incident from happening, you should try not to leave your laptop near the edge of tables and other high areas. Pay attention to where you leave it in order to prevent someone from accidentally knocking it over. You can even use special cases to prevent your laptop from taking damage in the event it does drop or get hit.

Add some drinks or…

While hard things can fall into the laptop and cause damage, liquids also can fall into it. Many people drink coffee, soda or even ice water or other beverages while they are on their laptop, and drink accidents can happen to anyone. Even people who are passing by your laptop could bump into your drink or spill their own. Kids, cats jumping onto desks and other similar things also can cause spills. Even a minor spill can cause liquid to penetrate into the main operating system, or it can get under the keys and cause a sticky mess. In some cases, the area simply needs to be cleaned by a qualified professional. In other cases, some of the internal components may need to be replaced.

Make sure that, if your drink has a cap, the cap is on tight so that if the drink falls, no liquid will get on your laptop. There are also special cups that prevent any liquid from escaping when knocked over.

A Tasty Keyboard

Eating while using the laptop is also common. Most people who eat while on their laptop will not have a plate directly in front of them. Instead, they will have the plate to the side and will eat directly over the keyboard. This can result in crumbs, spills and more on the keyboard. Even those who do have the plate in front of them may have to contend with sticky fingers or sauce splatters on the keyboard. One of our clients even dumped a plate of spaghetti and sauce on the keyboard.

When using your laptop, try to avoid greasy or crumbly foods. Fruits like grapes and bananas are healthy and can easily prevent a dirty keyboard

Heat, heat, heat…

While laptops are designed to be portable, they typically are not built to be toted into very warm areas. The components in a laptop work best at room temperature, and high levels of heat can be truly detrimental to your system. You may want to avoid storing a laptop in a locked car on a hot day, using it next to the oven or inflicting any other type of intense heat on it.

If your laptop does get too hot, it can cause damage to the hardware inside and even turn itself off. If your laptop is hot to the touch, the fans are loud or the fans aren’t spinning at all, it could mean your laptop is overheating.

Other Installations

If you are like most people, you may love to download random things to your laptop. These may be apps and installations that sound convenient, fun or useful, such as a weather app. However, they can easily slow down your system and cause various other issues. If your system is not acting right, it may be because you have installed too many apps and programs on it.

Hand of help

Accidents happen and in one way or another computer gets damaged. If a laptop gets damaged, and the cost of repairing it is less than half the price of getting a new one, it’s advisable to have it repaired. At LaptopMD, we have seen it all, and we have the knowledge and skills to fix your laptop quickly.