iphone Power Button Replacement

Fastest iPhone Power Button Replacement In NYC

What do you do when you keep mashing your iPhone power button but the phone still won’t turn on? You could try to do it yourself, spend hours finding the right parts, even more hours trying to get it installed, and then the next three days trying to figure out why it still won’t work. Or you can bring it in to LaptopMD+ for an iPhone power button replacement! Our trained iPhone doctors have been fixing iPhones since the first iPhone hit the NYC streets, and can fix your iPhone power button better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else. iPhone power button repairs will run you $89 and will take about 30 minutes.So if you have a stuck iPhone power button, an iPhone power button that won’t respond, or a gummy iPhone power button, stop in today. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Note: Unfortunately, due to their age, we no longer service the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS for power button replacement.

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