Broken Laptop Hinge Repair

Broken Laptop Hinge Repair

The biggest, prettiest laptop screen in the world is useless if your screen hinges can’t keep it open for more than a minute at a time, or if the hinges are stuck and you can’t open it at all. Broken hinges can manifest themselves subtly, with a little extra play in the screen or extra difficulty required to open your laptop, or they can be glaringly obvious, a large crack across the hinges/back-plate of your laptop or simply refusing to hold your screen open. While all laptop with moveable screens will likely experience hinge issues eventually, some are well-known to our techs for having particularly horrible hinge design:

All Dell Inspiron, and newer Dell Studio laptops

Alienware 11x

Lenovo Y series

HP DV9000 – The left hinge will probably break within a year or two

Macbook Pro 15” unibody – The hinges are too strong and will snap your cover

Broken or loose hinges on your laptop can seem like a minor irritant rather than a major problem, especially in the early stages, but keep in mind that every time you apply pressure to the hinge (when you open your laptop, or leave it open for example), you damage them further, and that damage can easily spread to your screen, your case, and can even in some cases cut off the power jack wiring.

Don’t wait for your loose or broken hinges to turn into a major repair job, fill out our free quote form or stop in the shop to get a free diagnosis and estimate now.

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