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When You Need Us, LaptopMD+ Is Here

With a sunny, cloudless sky and perfect 80 degree weather, it’s hard to imagine that just a few days ago we were running around in absolute panic. We hope that you have survived this hurricane and are healthy and safe. While we in New York City got mostly lucky and dodged a bullet, we know that many of our customers on Long Island, Staten Island, and in New Jersey were not so lucky. Our thoughts go out to all the people still dealing with flooding, power loss, and the damage Irene brought.

That said, it seems we in New York City are on a roll of underwhelming natural disasters. First an earthquake that was barely felt, then Hurricane Irene which luckily fizzled out. All we’re missing now is a mighty blizzard that drops half an inch of flurries, and a little tiny volcano and we’ll complete our bingo card. Whatever happens next, rest assured that we at LaptopMD+ will be here to help you with whatever you need, assuming we aren’t busy running for the hills from a massive 6″ tsunami.

Best of Luck and Best Wishes,

The LaptopMD+ Team