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Not logical like Spock from Star-Trek. Logical data recovery means that there is something wrong with the structure of the data that needs to be repaired. Most often, logical data recoveries are needed because:

  • A critical file or component of a file is accidentally over-written by another file
  • The partition table, a file that controls how data is organized on the hard drive, becomes corrupted or inaccessible.
  • A bad sector, or chunk of bad data, forms in critical files.

Logical repair involves removing all of the data from the hard drive manually and trying to rebuild or repair any software issues that might have caused the issue. It usually does not require a clean-room, and is instead done on-site, often with complex software suites. Since logical repair rarely requires parts, the biggest influence on how long a logical recovery takes is the size of the drive being recovered and the ammount of bad sectors or the extent of the damage to the partition tables.

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