Data Partition Repair

Help…my data partition file needs recovery!

The partition table on your hard drive is the file that controls how and where on the drive all of your data is stored. If this file is damaged, your hard drive won’t know where to look for files, and it could make some or even all of your data inaccessible.  Repairing the partition file requires manually rebuilding the file from whatever good pieces remain. Since it’s not a physical problem, how long the files take to recover is determined largely by how much data exists on the hard drive and how badly the file is damaged

Unfortunately, there’s not one thing that damages the partition file, so we can’t give you an easy answer of how to prevent it, but here are some common causes and tips to avoid them:

  • Movement during hard drive operation – if the magnetic needle moves even a little while writing, it can throw the whole drive off. Don’t move your hard drive while it’s working.
  • Magnetic field near drive – do not put any kind of magnets or strong electronics near your hard drive. This could corrupt the partition file.
  • Viruses – While it’s nearly impossible to manually damage your partition file, a virus could do the job. Make sure your antivirus software is installed, activated, and up-to-date.

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