Jammed Platter Repair

Help…My hard drive platters are jammed!

A good way to think of your hard drive is like a record player: the magnetic heads that read the data are like the needle, and the platters that store the data are like records. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong with the turntable motor and the platters become stuck. This could be something like the motor blowing out, or it could be dust or other particles getting caught in the motor and preventing it from spinning. A sure way to tell if your hard drive problems are with a jammed platter is to listen when you turn your computer on. If you can’t hear the drive start to spin up, or you hear a grinding noise like the motor can’t spin freely, you know you have a jammed platter.

When your platters jam, it is incredibly important not to try to use the drive. Any additional use could wear the motor out even further, making repair very difficult and costly. Instead, fill out our online quote form or give us a call and we’ll get back to you with a free diagnosis and estimate for your jammed platter repair.

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