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Protect your data on a laptop from thieves

You work hard and spend countless hours on your laptop. Criminals are working just as hard to gain access to your PC and sensitive data. Criminals constantly seek out vulnerable laptop users to access their confidential files and steal their sensitive data.

These unscrupulous, savvy individuals can be prevented from inappropriately accessing your laptop and stealing your data with a few preventive measures. Here are several simple ways to secure your laptop.

Install Tracking Software

Tracking software is a tool that can track the movement of your laptop if accessed by unauthorized users. The software takes pictures of the individual using the computer periodically.

It gets the job done by tracking IP addresses, the computer’s webcam, and Wi-fi position info to monitor its movement. It allows you to freeze your computer and wipe files remotely once activated.

Back Up Your Data
Storing files on an external hard drive protects your sensitive data. Performing periodic backups ensures that files are accessible and easily restored if theft occurs.

Investing in an external hard drive accomplishes the same thing as investing in a cloud storage solution. Files can be accessed if the computer is damaged or stolen.

Don’t Store Passwords

It doesn’t matter how many obscure punctuation marks your password has if your computer automatically remembers all of your passwords. Be wary of using password-management programs such as LastPass on anything that could be stolen (it’s okay to stick LastPass on your 40-pound desktop, if you wish). You should also refrain from typing all of your passwords into a plain-text file on your computer.

If you lose your laptop, you should still take the precautionary measure of changing all of the passwords to your online accounts, just in case something slipped through the cracks.

Protect Your Laptop

The laptop carrying sensitive data should be secured. This is especially important if a person is one the road and travels frequently. Taking additional steps to secure files and the laptop itself as well as using secure connections could prevent data theft or data loss.