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How To Replace a Keyboard Key On Your Own

Sometimes keys fall off of keyboards due to age or excessive wear. If one or more keys fall or break off of your keyboard, we have keyboard repair tips for you! You can most likely fix your keyboard on your own without having to buy a new one. There are no universal guidelines since all keyboards are different but here is a general step-by-step guide on how to put back a missing key back onto the keyboard.

Replace a Keyboard Key On Your Own

Step 1:

Remove the work key Form Key so that only the cover comes off, leaving the inside intact. This will help you to know exactly how the broken key should be put back.

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Step 2:

Identify the Key Retainers (small plastic parts) that hold the rubber gasket in place. Most likely there will be two pieces that interlock together and snap in place at four different points. Use tweezers to gently lift the retainers up and make sure you take into account how they link and where they snap together.

keyboard key retainers, removing retainers using tweezersseparating internal and external retainers in keyboard keys

Step 3:

Similarly, use tweezers to unsnap the retainers you need to replace the rubber gasket underneath. Start by separating the outer retainer from inner retainer, one side at a time. Finish removing the final gasket by softly pulling it out with your fingers.

Removing Key Retainers using Tweezers

Step 4:

Assemble the plastic key retainers to reassemble the working key if the retainers are being replaced. If the rubber gasket needs replacing, remove the worn piece and replace it with a new one.

You can buy individual keys or rubber gaskets on eBay or Amazon.

Step 5:

Push the key retainers gently over the rubber gasket until it snaps into proper place on the keyboard. Follow the reverse procedure starting with the retainers, link them together, snapping one end in at a time, sliding the retainers over the gasket and then snapping the other end onto the keyboard base.

Step 6:

Snap the key cover back on. Gently push until you feel the key cover snap into place.

See The Repair Experts

If you face any problems replacing the keys on your keyboard, LaptopMD is always here to help you.