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Why doesn’t my new car have an iPod dock?

iPod Car Mount
Image From https://ebggaming.com/

I’ve been wondering, for a while now, why iPod docks aren’t standard features in new cars. I’m not sure how long it takes car manufacturers to catch up to current technology but I expected to start seeing this trend years ago. Here’s what I’m thinking…

First of all, everybody already has an iPod. A recent study has shown that 100% of Americans now own at least two iPods or iPhones. Shocking, isn’t it? Okay well, I might have made that up but it doesn’t change the fact that almost everyone I know already seems to own one. Whether it’s a Nano, a Shuffle, or an iEverything (Release date TBD), we all have one.

Second of all, it won’t change the price that much. If you’re already paying $15-50k for a car, what’s another hundred bucks to plug in your iPod? Nothing. Plus, car buyers flock to features like this and I’m sure the Fords and Chryslers of the world would make back any added costs through the additional sales.

So why not?

Hands Free iPhone Car Dock
Image from https://www.itechnews.net/

Is it because of cup holders? Sure a dozen cup holders might be useful if you’re taking your kids entire soccer team to an away game, but the rest of time that’s just too many cup holders. Couldn’t we turn some of that valuable cup holder real estate into an iPod dock zone?
There are plenty of companies out there making a fortune on customized solutions for this problem. I’ve seen all kinds of rigs that attach to your dashboard or even mount to the windshield. With all that ingenuity out there, you’d think the car manufacturers would notice?

What do you think? Leave me a comment and tell me if you’re on board with this idea too!