7 Common Problems With The IPhone 7

We love our iPhones, but even the most ardent owner knows these devices are far from impervious. The latest iteration continues the tradition of impressing critics and audiences with Apple innovation but leaving end users with annoying issues.

7 Common Problems With The IPhone 7 and sollutios from LaptopMD

In fact, here are seven common problems with the iPhone 7.

  • Issues with Activation
    Before activating your new phone, make sure you have a reliable WiFi connection. You need to make sure your version of iTunes is up to date as the phone’s activation is processed through your iTunes account. USB the iPhone to your computer and turn on the phone.
  • Freezing in the Cloud
    During updates, the iCloud has been known to freeze. When this happens, reboot the phone by holding the down volume and power buttons. If the restoration still doesn’t follow through, download a backup file to your computer and upload it to the iPhone.
  • No Headphone Jack
    That there would be no jack on the iPhone 7 set the Internet on fire. Still, Apple did offer an adapter to give users options. Most owners have turned to one of the many wireless headsets.

7 Common Problems With The IPhone 7 and sollutios from LaptopMD

  • WiFi Won’t Stay Connected
    One of the most common problems with the newest iPhone is an unreliable WiFi connection. Make sure the router doesn’t need rebooting and that there’s proper range for the signal. Check the settings on your phone to ensure the connection is there. Rebooting the modem may help. If that doesn’t work, Apple has its own support page about how to deal with Wi-Fi issues.
  • Poor Quality Audio
    This is probably the result of your sound being set too low. Check Settings/Sounds to see where the volume ringer is. Turn it all the way up. Check to see if mute is on or for debris in the speaker.
  • Touchscreen is Unresponsive
    The 3D touch feature really upped the phone game, but many user were disappointed to discover the screen’s functionality could fail. When this happens, adjust the screen’s sensitivity. The feature can be found in Settings/General/Accessibility.  and scroll down to 3D touch and tap to change it from light to firm.

7 Common Problems With The IPhone 7 and sollutios from LaptopMD

  • Random Rebooting
    Many owners have reported random reboots on their iPhone 7. A good way to correct this is to restart the phone. Press the home and volume down buttons together and let the phone reboot. This is only a temporary fix, but it does work.

One more
At LaptopMD, we hope that your device will last forever without giving you problems. However, if anything ever happens to it, we’re here to help you.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly

Every time Apple releases a new phone, the world goes into a frenzy. There are the die-hards who will wait for hours on end to be one of the first to purchase the new iPhone. Once the dust has settled, and people start to adopt the new phone and want to use it, a sudden dread comes over them. How do you take all the apps, photos, and everything else on your old phone and move it to the new phone?

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

For some, letting the techs at the Apple Store deal with is a great option. However, that means even more waiting for someone else to do something that is very easy for even the most novice technology user. You simply have to back up the old phone, either to iTunes or to iCloud, and then restore that backup to your new phone. Before you say that you could never figure it out, read through these simple directions and see how simple it really is.

Backing Up Your iPhone To iTunes
This is really quite a simple process, and even people who have a hard time navigating the Internet should be able to do it.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

  • Be sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on the computer.
  • Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the computer using the the charging cable.
  • You may receive a message asking if you trust the computer, or to enter your passcode. If you do, follow the prompts.
  • Once your iPhone is connected, you will want to select your phone from within iTunes. This will automatically put you on the Summary screen.
  • There is a section called “Backups”, you will want to select “This Computer” and then select “Backup Now”.
Backing Up Your iPhone To iCloud
  • Connect your iPhone to your home Wi-Fi network. You do not want to transfer all the data over a cellular connection, as it may use all of your monthly available data.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

  • Tap the Settings app, then scroll down and tap iCloud.
  • Next, scroll to “Backup”, and tap that.
  • Be sure “Cloud Backup” it toggled to the green.
  • Finally, select “Back Up Now”.
  • Be sure to leave the phone connect to the network until the backup is complete. You may also wish to plug the phone in while it is backing up.

An alternative choice!
With either method, it may take a little time to back up everything on your device, depending on the capacity of your device and what you have stored. At LaptopMD, we hope that everything is clear that you do not have any trouble transferring your information to your new iPhone.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

If you do run into trouble, and you cannot figure out how to make it work successfully, visit our convenient location in Manhattan and one of our dedicated experts will help you.

The Olympic Games 2016

It’s an exciting time for all sports fans around the world right now, whether your favorite sport is currently in season or not because of the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio.

The record with LaptopMD

New world records have been set at the Rio Olympics so far, and we won’t be surprised if another record is broken before the Olympics are over. At LaptopMD, we are about to reach one of our own milestones too: fixing 10,000 iPhones.

The record
We have fixed 9,993 iPhones at the time of this writing. Very soon, someone will be our 10,000th client. Not only will we be celebrating our milestone, but that 10,000th customer will be too because we’ll fix their iPhone FREE as a thank you for helping us hit the 10,000 mark.

Be that lucky person
Don’t waste any time in submitting an iPhone repair request with us as we only need seven more customers at the time of this writing.

The record with LaptopMD

There could be just one left as you’re reading this. Cross your fingers and hope that you’ll that lucky person.


Not even Niantic or Nintendo could have anticipated the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon: GO! In fact, it’s the most downloaded free app from the Apple store in its history! Also, Pokemon: GO has been a very effective way of getting kids and adults to go outside and be active!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

We here at LaptopMD have been caught up in “Pokemania” as well!

Be careful!!

Recently, we at LaptopMD have gotten so many iPhones with broken screens. When we asked our customers why, they answered that while playing Pokemon:GO, they accidentally drop their phones and the screens break!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

While we do advise to take care of your phones, we understand that accidents happen. In order to prevent from damaging your phone be more cautious and have a fun.

One more Pokemon`s issue
Because so many customers constantly play Pokemon:GO, we have received so many questions online and in the office on how to prolong battery life. If you’re having problems figuring out how to run Pokemon:GO without tapping out your battery (and data), we can help you optimize your phone so you can get all the fun of the app without the hassle.

I`ve caught you
Pokemon:GO is also bringing communities to life! Last week, a customer rushed into our office with sparkling eyes and said, “I`ve caught you!” He told us he had just gotten one of the rarest Pokemon in the app!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

We get absolute joy at seeing the phenomenal positive influence on our community and its businesses! It definitely makes our day brighter knowing that we share this passion with our customers.

Take care of yourself
We know the game is wonderful and it will only get more popular in the years to come. While the game is amazing, please don’t forget about your well-being and others!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

We understand that a person can get hooked on a great game such as this, but do remember to take care of yourself and be responsible! If you are fascinated by this game as we are, you can come to our office, take a seat, drink some cold water, and if you’re lucky, try to catch some of the rarest Pokemon, too!

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life. Part #1

We’ve all been here…you leave the house in a hurry with your phone in hand, but you forget to grab your charger. As the day goes on, you watch your battery draining and know that the battery will die before you get home to charge it.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

No one wants to be left with a dead phone. iPhones are amazing devices, but so often the battery doesn’t last as long as you would like it to. There are many ways you can extend the life of your iPhone’s battery by simply changing a few settings.

1. Use Low Power Mode:
One of the best parts of iOS 9 is your ability to change your phone to Low Power Mode to extend your battery life. Your iPhone will automatically prompt you to engage the Low Power Mode once your battery dips down to 20%.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

Simply click the button that will send you into Low Power Mode. You will most likely not notice any difference in the way your phone is functioning in this mode.

2. Don’t Share
Your Every Move: It can be nice to keep in touch with friends and family and let them know where you are. iOS 9 has a feature that allows you to share your location with your friends and family in Messages. While it is nice for people to know where you are, is it really important that they see your every move?
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
This little feature can aid in draining your battery. One way to extend your battery life is to shut off this feature.

3. Kill Hungry Apps:
You may not realize it, but some apps are more hungry than others and eat away at your battery life all day long. In desperation, you may often go into your phone and try to close all of the apps, trying to save your battery life. However, now you have another option. If you go into Settings and click on Battery Life, you can see which apps are most proficient at draining your battery.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Close the apps with the highest percentage of battery drain in the last 24 hours. Social media apps are often the worst culprits, but after a few times of checking this feature, you’ll get to know which ones should be closed and which can remain open.

4. Stop Apps Refreshing in the Background.
Whenever you are on WI-FI or even on your mobile network (which is pretty much all the time), your phone is working overtime trying to make sure that all of your apps are refreshed for you. You can extend your battery life by turning this feature off completely, or you can turn it off app by app by going to Settings, General, and then Background App Refresh.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Your apps will then refresh only when you open them, and your battery will not have to work overtime when you aren’t using the apps anyway.

5. Don’t Close Every App:
This sounds counter-intuitive, as we have been taught that if the battery life is draining that we must close each and every app. Believe it or not, the new operating system is designed to efficiently handle apps running in the background.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Closing the app and then reopening a sleeping app over and over again wastes more battery life than simply having the app open in the background. So if you have a few apps that you continually use, it is okay to leave them running in the background.

6. Use WI-FI Wherever Possible:
You may have been told to turn off your WI-FI to save battery life, but the opposite is actually true.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Using mobile data uses far more of your battery life than using WI-FI, so whenever possible, have your WI-FI setting on and connect to the local WI-FI.
To be continued…..

Temperature is rising, but our price is falling

Can anyone even tell that Spring has actually sprung? With the chilly weather outside, it still feels like Winter. However, our prices for iPhone screen replacement are melting with the snow!

iPhone screen replacement  from LaptopMD

These prices are now cheaper than ever, so you’ll want to rush in from the cold to take advantage.

Wonderful deal!
Our screen replacement deals are:
  • iPhone 5/5C/5S – $79.00
  • iPhone 6 – $95.00
  • iPhone 6 Plus – $130.00
  • iPhone 6S – $165.00
  • iPhone 6S Plus – $225.00
We can have the screen replaced for you quickly in just 15 minutes. A new screen also comes with a Limited Life Time Warranty. What a deal! Where else can you find prices like this with all of these bonuses?
iPhone screen replacement  from LaptopMD
These prices are the same at each of our locations, including Manhattan; Pomton Plains, NJ; and Morristown, NJ.
We always take care of you!

We value our customers, so throughout our fifteen years of experience, we have constantly evaluated and improved our service. And we continue to do so today. We truly appreciate the trust and loyalty that our clients place in us. We will do everything in our power to help you and make sure you’re satisfied. No one is more important to our business than you.
iPhone screen replacement  from LaptopMD
Don’t forget that if you have any issues with your device, we are conveniently close! So, if you want to add some spring to your step and take advantage of our melting prices that are now cheaper than ever, just swing by today.

LaptopMD goes Back To The Future With “Old” Devices

We saw a pretty puzzling Facebook post recently. A user wanted to get the Hard Drive in his 2009 Macbook checked out, but the repair shop he went to told him the computer was “vintage” and couldn’t be serviced. It’s puzzling to think of any Macbook as a “vintage” device, but that is Apple’s terminology for any computer discontinued between 5-7 years ago. A quick glimpse of the Apple site produces this explanation:

Vintage products are those that have not been manufactured for more than five and less than seven years ago. Apple has discontinued hardware service for vintage products with the following exceptions:

  • Macintosh products purchased in the country of Turkey.
  • Products purchased in the state of California, United States, as required by statute.

Obsolete products are those that were discontinued more than seven years ago. Apple has discontinued all hardware service for obsolete products with no exceptions. Service providers cannot order parts for obsolete products.


Now THIS is "vintage."
Now THIS is “vintage.”

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12 Facts of Apple Music

On June 8th, Apple launched their newest world domination initiative, Apple Music. The newest (and biggest) hat in the music streaming game plans to give millions of subscribers access to music and a 24 hour live broadcast radio station come June 30th. Here are some of the most important takeaways from the launch:


  • The service will be 9.99 per month for an individual subscription and 14.99 for a family plan, which will allow up to six people to participate.
  • On June 30th, everyone has access to a free 3-month trial on initial signup, after which the $9.99 will kick in. If you find that you don’t like the service don’t forget to cancel come August.

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Apple vs. Android vs. ????

iphone android

A little variety is needed with everything. No one wants a plate full of veggies, or a plate full of meat (well, most of us don’t). Why should we settle for such a monopoly in the phone market?

Apple, Android and Windows phone account for 95% of the modern phone market, but there are at least a half dozen other open source operating systems. Why don’t we hear more about them? Why are the politics behind our most integral modern device ran by pretty much two companies?

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