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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Whether you’re headed to the beach this weekend, spending time with loved ones, or soaking up the rays here in New York City, I would like to wish you a safe and pleasant Memorial Day. As the nation pauses this extended weekend to honor those who have fallen in service to our country as well…

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Happy Labor Day from LaptopMD+

On September 5th 1882, several hundred New Yorkers gathered in Union Square for a parade to celebrate the strength and might of labor unions and further embolden their campaign against horrendous working conditions. Over 100 years later, we continue to commemorate Labor Day not only as a day of championing workers rights but as a…

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New Faces, Same Great Service

Things are changing fast here at LaptopMD+! First we had the office renovated and redesigned, then the website redesign, and now new employees. That’s right, we’ve hired two new people to make your LaptopMD+ experience better than ever. First we have Steve, our new technician and floor manager. He’s just as handy with a customer…

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CBS’s Showtime and The Pirate Bay get Caught Mining Cryptocurrency… on their Consumers’ Computers

Online advertising has become a really tricky game to get into. Monetizing a popular website that generates a lot of online traffic used to be much, much easier than it is now. The simple answer used to be advertising, but nowadays you would need to generate OVER A MILLION pageviews in a month just to…

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The Future of Virtual Reality

At one point not that long ago, the concept of virtual reality was just something that seemed cool, but not in the immediate future. Well time has passed and we have arrived where virtual reality is not only possible, but is becoming increasingly popular in the technological mainstream. Virtual reality, or VR, has been around…

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Speed Up & Clean Up Special

Through July 15th, we are offering our Speed Up & Clean Up special – which means replacing your HDD with an SSD. If you either haven’t read the post comparing HDDs to SSDs or want to refresh your memory on what an SSD Upgrade is, feel free to click here! Abridged version: SSDs will make your computer…

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Digital Currency and Bitcoin

One of the newer trends in the technology world that has caught everyone’s eye is digital currency. Digital currency, or “the currency of the Internet”, is a new way for people to make transactions without having to go through a central authority such as a bank. Digital currency has become very popular for a number of…

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New Year And New Deal

2016 was a great year for us. We at LaptopMD hope this year will be even better, and we are going to help you get your new year off to a great start as well! So how about we start off 2017 with a special deal? When you bring your laptop or PC in for…

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5 Signs Your Computer Got a Virus

Many viruses inflict the most harm before people even notice them. It’s vital to learn the signs of infection so you can take immediate action. We want to warn you about 5 common signs of infection: #1 Annoying pop-up advertisement If pop-up advertisements appear when you aren’t browsing the Web, a virus is probably creating them. Some malware…

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LaptopMD Internship Initiative

Along with providing excellent device service, Arthur Zilberman and LaptopMD are dedicated to providing service to the community in whatever way we can. Robin Rodriguez of the Bronx recently worked with us as a LaptopMD Jr. Doctor, an internship initiative we launched. After receiving a heartfelt e-mail from Yasmin Castro, a teacher at Bronx Compass…

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When Technology Fails

I always say, usually jokingly, that technology is great right up until the point when it isn’t. We, along with millions of others had the joy of experiencing this first hand two weeks ago on the 22nd of December when Skype experienced a series of prolonged down-times. We have been using Skype in the office…

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TIME OUT New York Review

Time Out New York Features LaptopMD When your PC or Mac laptop breaks down, who should you call? According to a recent article in Time Out New York, LaptopMD at (212) 920 4833 is the number you’ll want to dial. Best At-Your-Door “Tech Repair” In a recent article on services New Yorkers can have delivered…

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