How To Set Up Parental Controls

It’s the summer, your child is no longer in school for about three months, and they have nothing better to do than surf the internet all day. If left to their own devices, they could end up seeing some pretty inappropriate things.

LaptopMD and how to set up parental control

So how will you keep them from seeing something they shouldn’t see? Parental controls for your home network are the answer.

Through Your Router
This is the easiest way to configure your settings. Your router serves as an entry point for all internet traffic on your network. By setting up web filtering here, you’ll be able to control what your child sees not just on a computer, but on a tablet, their cellphone, and even their game consoles.Some routers come with parental controls that are already built in. Usually it’s shown on the box and explained thoroughly in a manual if the feature is available.

LaptopMD and how to set up parental control

For those that don’t have built in controls, OpenDNS can be used to select what your children can and cannot see. You’ll have to configure the DNS settings on your router so you can use OpenDNS. Click here to set up an account with them and configure your web settings. You can select what type of websites to block, and when one is clicked on your child will be redirected to a “This site is blocked” message.
If you don’t want a device to be configured, just manually change the OpenDNS settings. But remember, now anyone can change the settings.

Windows 7
This program has built-in controls that will allow you to control when your child logs in and what types of programs your child can access. It’s really helpful if your children use different accounts than you do.

LaptopMD and how to set up parental control

It’s useful, but it doesn’t have web filtering. To make up for this, Microsoft does offer Family Safety, a program that can let you set up web filtering through Windows 7.

Windows 8 and 10
Both Windows 8 and 10 have integrated parental controls so that Window 7’s time limits are combined with web filtering from the Family Safety program to give you all the power you need, plus new features.

LaptopMD and how to set up parental control

In case you need a little more help on how to configure parental settings for Windows 8, click here.

Through Third-Party Software
Configuring parental controls through third-party software is just as effective as the following methods above. A good portion of internet security applications have parental control options built in. If one is present, check for the settings.

LaptopMD and how to set up parental control

There are programs of this type that you can pay for, such as the Net Nanny that everyone knows about, but you don’t have to pay to protect your children. The web is full of free web filtering options. One good example is Norton. They offer, for free, a Norton Family application, and it works rather well according to users. If this one doesn’t suit your needs, you can always search the web for others.

And finally
Hopefully this guide has helped you better understand how to implement parental controls. If it’s a bit too much and you’re still confused, it’s okay. We can come by and do it for you, it’s not a problem at all.


Not even Niantic or Nintendo could have anticipated the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon: GO! In fact, it’s the most downloaded free app from the Apple store in its history! Also, Pokemon: GO has been a very effective way of getting kids and adults to go outside and be active!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

We here at LaptopMD have been caught up in “Pokemania” as well!

Be careful!!

Recently, we at LaptopMD have gotten so many iPhones with broken screens. When we asked our customers why, they answered that while playing Pokemon:GO, they accidentally drop their phones and the screens break!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

While we do advise to take care of your phones, we understand that accidents happen. In order to prevent from damaging your phone be more cautious and have a fun.

One more Pokemon`s issue
Because so many customers constantly play Pokemon:GO, we have received so many questions online and in the office on how to prolong battery life. If you’re having problems figuring out how to run Pokemon:GO without tapping out your battery (and data), we can help you optimize your phone so you can get all the fun of the app without the hassle.

I`ve caught you
Pokemon:GO is also bringing communities to life! Last week, a customer rushed into our office with sparkling eyes and said, “I`ve caught you!” He told us he had just gotten one of the rarest Pokemon in the app!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

We get absolute joy at seeing the phenomenal positive influence on our community and its businesses! It definitely makes our day brighter knowing that we share this passion with our customers.

Take care of yourself
We know the game is wonderful and it will only get more popular in the years to come. While the game is amazing, please don’t forget about your well-being and others!

Pokemon Go with LaptopMD

We understand that a person can get hooked on a great game such as this, but do remember to take care of yourself and be responsible! If you are fascinated by this game as we are, you can come to our office, take a seat, drink some cold water, and if you’re lucky, try to catch some of the rarest Pokemon, too!

Old Tech, New Tricks

The times are always changing. For the modern small business or tech savvy consumer, out with the old in with the new is literal. Once you purchase the new Windows PC on the market, what will you do with the obsolete model?

Many may not know a better alternative than to simply toss their old computers, laptops and phones in the trash. As the saying goes though, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. There are recycling programs all over the city, as well as initiatives to

turn those electronics into art.

Before you give your device away, have you considered re-purposing the electronic altogether?

darth vader

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10 Great Mobile Messaging Apps

We all know the old adage; New York is indeed a melting pot. Millions of people from all over the world call New York home, but how they you contact their friends and family overseas? Long distance calling cards are OK. International mobile plans are expensive.

Social Media is cool but nothing compares to the instant connection that mobile messaging Apps offer. They allow you to talk to anyone around the world for free, and are a prime means of international communication. Many may not know just how many options there are to choose from.

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iOS 5 Beta 5: The Future of the iPhone

Well, it’s almost time to go back to school and it looks like lucky students who’ve waited patiently may well just get their hands on the iPhone 5 before getting back to class. With the release of iOS 5 Beta 5, it looks like Apple is closer than ever to releasing the new generation of iPhone. If you’ll remember, the hold-up with iOS5 was the major reason for Apple to deviate from their typical summer release schedule for the new iPhone 5. So what’s going on with the 5th iPhone? Let’s see if we can’t break it down a little bit:

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Google Music: From the Cloud To Your Ears

LaptopMD Reviews Google MusicWell, it looks like Google’s much-anticipated music streaming service is here. With little fanfare, as with most of their product roll-outs, Google has entered the highly competitive and exponentially growing cloud storage and streaming arena.

Google is no stranger to cloud storage(or at least semi-cloud, since so far most of these services don’t use real cloud technology but instead house the information in traditional data centers). In fact, Gmail has been a de-facto cloud storage service since it’s inception, when it promised to allow significantly more storage space than any other web-based mail service at the time. More recently, Google Docs has been a little-heralded but extremely useful cloud storage service. Though it started by only storing certain file formats, it has recently expanded to allow users to store any file they want on Google’s servers. Google Music is then a natural growth for the company, following a long and well-charted path that the company has been on since the beginning.

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Data (un)Recovery

In lieu of our more traditional posts, I wanted to share something a little more fun and interesting with all of you today. We get quite a few data recovery jobs coming in to the office: people drop their hard drives, or a power short knocks out their computer, or they accidentally delete their files. Usually, we can do some cyber sleuthing and pull that information right off. And if we can’t do it, we know people who can.

But what happens when you REALLY want to get rid of an old CD? Like that Hannah Montana mix disc you made that you told people was your sisters? Well, sometimes a video is worth a thousand word blog post:


Just When You Had It Figured Out: Common Computer Maintenance Misconceptions Part 4

Pollen can be bad news for computers.
Imagine this is your fan. Except that if your fan looked this bad, your computer would be at risk of exploding at any moment.

It has been a busy week, and as such not a whole lot of time to update, but we’re back and gearing up for our big spring cleaning promotion set to launch Tuesday the 29th. It’s going to be a good one, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, how about another common misconception? This one might just go ahead and contradict the entire premise of this series (i.e. that spring cleaning is just an excuse for a cheap marketing ploy), so it turns out I’m not immune from making these mistakes either. Who knew?

#4: “Spring cleaning is just an excuse for a cheap marketing push. It doesn’t matter when you clean stuff.”

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