10 Questions with An App Developer!

Have you ever been playing an App and thought, “I wonder if I could make something like this.” It’s possible, and not as hard as you think! App Development is a burgeoning field, and with the emergence of phones as our primary devices, it can be a lucrative one!

Michael Williams

Michael Williams, App Developer

We caught up with Michael Williams, director and developer at Flush Arcade, an App Development studio that’s released their debut App, Monkey Trippers for both the iOS and Windows platforms. If you’re interested in App Development, absorb some of the knowledge Michael has to offer!

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Apple vs. Android vs. ????

iphone android

A little variety is needed with everything. No one wants a plate full of veggies, or a plate full of meat (well, most of us don’t). Why should we settle for such a monopoly in the phone market?

Apple, Android and Windows phone account for 95% of the modern phone market, but there are at least a half dozen other open source operating systems. Why don’t we hear more about them? Why are the politics behind our most integral modern device ran by pretty much two companies?

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CryptoWall of Doom


If you’re e-mailing, be very careful what files you open. Cryptowalls are Super-Viruses, and they can ruin all the data on your computer.

Cryptowalls generally come in e-mails as .PDF/.EXE file attachments, asking you to open them for more information about a question posed in an e-mail.

Once you open these files, the malicious code sweeps your computer, encrypting all your files. The infected computer receives a notepad file warning of a $500 USD ransom that goes up to $1000 in seven days. The money must be sent in bitcoins and sent to the e-mail directed.

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Are Wearables Really Worth It?

Wearable technology is bound to usher in an entirely new experience for it’s users, but are the devices really worth the price? From the Google Glass to the the Apple Watch, wearable devices promise an extra level of convenience, but at what cost? Will the price-points scare away the casual crowd?

In this day and age, there are very few technological advances that could have the practicality and perceived necessity of a cell phone or MP3 player. Having a consistent line of communication is important, having a watch that keeps one from reaching in their pocket…less so.

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The “Big Deal” about Hillary’s E-Mails

What is she wearing? I can’t wait to E-mail Michelle about this.”


If you’re like many, you may wonder what the big deal is about Hillary Clinton using a private e-mail server for her governmental duties. While there are way more important stories in the world, the concern about the former Secretary of state using an e-mail address linked to a personal server is legitimate. Besides the remote but intriguing possibility that she was handling foreign policy with a NextPrez2016@gmail.com handle, her sidestepping of the government network is a somewhat devious maneuver. Additionally, the security concerns that arise with using a private network are too dangerous when our nation’s sensitive information is involved.

All municipal and federal employees utilize government servers to correspond. As a former government worker, I can attest that rules stated I was never to use my personal e-mail for ”business”. With top flight encryption and consistent maintenance by IT engineers beyond the cutting edge, these networks are simply more secure than the average e-mail server. Big time public e-mail providers can’t be held to the same standard, because pictures of your week at the beach are a little less of a priority than protecting national security.

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The Geniu$ Bar

Many consumers prefer large retail stores when it comes to electronic device repair. We live in a world that’s increasingly defined by large corporations promoting their presence and cajoling shoppers into believing quantity = quality. Many customers with broken laptops, phones and tablets genuinely believe that the big shop, with its brand name, should be their first stop for repairs.

This three part series presents another side to some of the leading consumer repair shops — BestBuy, Staples and the Apple Genius Bar — with published reports from former employees and feedback from disgruntled customers, so that the buyer may beware.

The Geniu$ Bar
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10 Great Mobile Messaging Apps

We all know the old adage; New York is indeed a melting pot. Millions of people from all over the world call New York home, but how they you contact their friends and family overseas? Long distance calling cards are OK. International mobile plans are expensive.

Social Media is cool but nothing compares to the instant connection that mobile messaging Apps offer. They allow you to talk to anyone around the world for free, and are a prime means of international communication. Many may not know just how many options there are to choose from.

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Samsung has finally unveiled newest Galaxy S6 models

Samsung has finally unveiled their newest Galaxy models. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones will be available across the world on April 10th. All four major carriers will sell the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, however smaller carriers such as MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless will only sell the Galaxy S6. The S6 Edge will be priced higher than the Galaxy S6 models, but specific price points have not been announced. Continue reading

Apple Watch will be announced Monday

The Apple Watch will be announced Monday, but details have already leaked. Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch and Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac have spoken to numerous sources about the Watch, and here are the gems they’ve uncovered prior to Monday’s “Spring Forward” reveal:
The sources have noted how little they use their iPhone since they’ve started using the Watch. Apparently, the watch takes care of many tasks people usually handle on their phones. The time the watch saves a user figures to be a primary draw. Continue reading